Protostar Drift Press Kit

Protostar Drift, formerly known as Project Orbit, is developed by Off Target Studios. If you’re looking for more information, please feel free to reach out to us through email or on our social media platforms.



Stat Sheet –

Developer: Off Target Studios; based out of Pittsburgh, PA

Title: Protostar Drift

Release Date: 6/18/19

Platforms: Android

Post Launch Content: Free cosmetic content and game mode updates

Price: $1.99

File Size: 36 MB

Languages: English


Social: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Game Description –

Protostar Drift is a 3D arcade action game where the player begins as a cloud of stardust moving through space by entering and exiting celestial orbits. The player must gain mass by moving through nebulas or entering a star’s orbit while evading the universe’s most terrifying object; A black hole. Once the player reaches their goal mass, they will burst into their glorious final form. A star.

We plan on including multiple game modes that add variety and  varying difficulty to the community’s experience. Along with full singleplayer support, a 4 player multiplayer mode will available on release. Each player must reach their goal mass in a tight, fast-paced arena combat.




  • An engaging singleplayer experience with high replay-ability
  • Skill based gameplay that is easy to learn but hard to master
  • Multiple difficulties for either a relaxing playthroughs or demanding engagements
  • A fast, challenging, 4-player multiplayer arena
  • Custom soundtrack
  • An arcade/toon artsyle
  • Customizable Protostars
  • Free and frequent cosmetic DLC
  • Complete leader boards for both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes
  • Achievements for each game type and difficulty.
  • Full Google Play intergration


Available Media –

Soundtrack :

We are also developing an original score for the game as well. Here is a sample clip of one of the gameplay tracks.



Want more screenshots? Grab the zip file here: Screenshots (zipped)











Want more gameplay clips? Grab the zip file here: Video Clips (zipped)

Please stay tuned for more information regarding Protostar Drift and thank you for your support.