Multiplayer Beta is Live!

Hey everyone, sorry for the radio silence for the past week or so. We have been preparing for the release of the Protostar Drift Mulitplayer Beta and now we can say its ready for any and all comers.

We also released a new trailer, as seen above, alongside the beta to give players a glimpse at in-game multiplayer action. The beta will run til 4/14/18 as of right now, so stay posted for changes.  The devs (Matt and Hunter) have a schedule of when we will be playing, so if you want to play against us , times are available below.

If you’re looking to jump right in, here is the link to the Google Play Store below:

Get it on Google Play

If you want to gives us feedback on the beta, we have multiple outlets available on the Protostar Drift Beta page, linked HERE.

We can’t wait to let everyone get their hands on it and give us feedback on our game. Thanks to everyone who has followed us this far and we hope to continue momentum til release.


Weekly Update: 3/19/18

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting again.

Firstly, sorry for the late post (a couple days past). The holiday weekend kept us busy, we we apologize for the inconvenience.

Second, we got some great feedback from our first teaser trailer and made some cosmetic changes to the game logo. It needed a total overhaul so we have been throwing around some new concepts. We also will be adding gameplay footage to the upcoming trailer as well, so thanks to everyone who commented or posted with their input, it’s greatly appreciated.

We wrapped up alpha testing for the multiplayer and now are recording gameplay footage from the arena and private matches before the Beta release. In the upcoming days our newest trailer should be ready so stay posted and continue to give us feedback on our work.

Thanks again for visiting and please keep sharing your thoughts with us on our social media platforms.


Weekly Update: 3/3/18


Hey everyone, thank you for checking in and seeing what we are up to here at Off Target Studios.

Protostar Drift: We are getting so close to beta release we can almost taste, hear, smell, and certainly see the finish line. We are putting most of our time into testing and polishing the multiplayer. From tweaks  to the gameplay flow and arena structure to UI placement and button colorization, all is near complete. Now we ironing out the remaining bugs and getting feedback from our small group of alpha testers. We are also looking into changes to the logo and finishing off teaser and beta trailers. Our anticipation for the beta release is burying the needle and we can’t wait to get player feedback.


We have added some gameplay tracks from the Protostar Drift soundtrack to our Soundcloud page for anyone to listen and enjoy. Here is the link below:


Along with Protostar Drift, we are also working on changing the studio logo. We are trying different styles and concepts hoping to find the most recognizable and unique look moving forward. Here are some samples:


Thanks again for the support and follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Imgur.

Protostar Drift Beta Announcement


Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our website. The development team has been working hard to finish a test build of our newest game, Protostar Drift, and are happy to announce that we will be hosting a free multiplayer beta in the upcoming weeks.

The team is looking for anyone with an Android phone to help us shape the multiplayer arena mode in Protostar Drift. While you test our game, we are hoping to get feedback on your experience.  Any suggestions regarding likes, dislikes, upgrades, and overall changes to the game are encouraged and will be extremely helpful as an official release approaches. A separate beta webpage will be uploaded in a few days where more details can be found along with a sign-up for a mailing list for beta info, Protostar Drift info, and any information regarding Off Target Studios.

Along with the Beta announcement, our team will like to address our marketing plan (or lack thereof) from the past couple months til the upcoming release. As a small team, we focused on completing a top-notch playable experience and unfortunately updating our fans and hopeful player base has fallen off. Now, we are shifting our priorities back to informing all possible players on our progress with media and info posted on our news feed, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media outlets. We need you to help Protostar Drift blossom into what it could be and can’t do it without you.

Finally, a small change has been made to our Contact Us page on the website. We have a new developer email address and will use that to communicate with players and fans from here forward.

Thanks again for all the support and we are looking forward to to playing against you in the beta.

Backstock Hustle


Have you ever thought about your dream job? Maybe you want to travel the world or help people in need. Backstock Hustle gives players the ultimate opportunity to live their dream, working in retail! Our reactionary puzzle game brings the experience to you and shows you the thrill of working in a retail backroom. Players must complete their work with speed and accuracy, all while having fun!  Your dream job awaits!


Not only will you have the challenge of completing your workload quickly and accurately, but other employees will attempt to interfere with your tasks. If you want to become a successful retail employee, you must find a way to avoid the distraction of other employees.

Backstock Hustle is available NOW on Android.

Be sure to check out our Home page for the latest details regarding all projects. And as always, feel free to chat with us on any of our social media sites for up-to-date information as well!