Protostar Drift now FREE on Google Play

Update 1.2 has been officially released and with it, Protostar Drift is now FREE for everyone on the Google Play Store. Now is the time to recommend Protostar to a friend and jump in to the singleplayer and multiplayer arena. Get out there and become a Star!

Along with the price change, there have been some reworks and updates to improve Protostar.

  1. Tutorial Update – We have received feedback regarding the depth of the tutorial so we reworked it making it as thorough and clear as possible for newcomers to the game. All current players will receive a notification prompt to give it a try as well.
  2.  Hyper-Speed Difficulty – We added a new challenging difficulty to the singleplayer mode. This mode ups player speed and decreases steering ability to add a more orbit-focused traversal of the universe. Other small tweaks were made to add to the challenge.
  3. 3-Star Difficulty Changes – The space object spawning wasn’t behaving as intended so we reworked it. This mode should be easier now while maintaining difficulty.
  4. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes – Standard bug fixes brought to our attention were addressed.

Thanks again for the support and stay posted for future updates!

Protostar Drift out NOW for Android!


Google Play Download

Launch day is finally here!

We want to first thank everyone who participated in the Beta and aided us during development, it was extremely helpful and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Protostar Drift is officailly available on the Google Play Store for Android. We also released a launch trailer, as seen above, to show of the game. We are giving out promotional codes to anyone who wants to try out the game. Protostar Drift supports 4 player multiplayer matches so we will give up to 4 promo codes per person. Just message us on any of our social media outlets and we will PM you the codes.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us along the way and get out there and become a star!

Protostar Drift Release Date!

Hey, everyone. Thanks for visiting again and we have some very exciting news. The time has finally come. Protostar Drift is ready for launch.


Protostar Drift will be available on Google Play Store this Monday, 6/18/18. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta and anyone who helped us get to release. You have been a huge help during development and we couldn’t do it without you.

For more information about Protostar Drift visit the projects page or find us on one of our social media outlets. Also, check back for news on our first free DLC coming after release.

Beta Feedback and Continuation

Hey, Everyone.

Off Target Studios would like to thank everyone who participated in our Open Beta. From playing multiple rounds of the arena multiplayer or just giving feedback on social media, all communication from players is greatly appreciated and we couldn’t thank you enough. To show our thanks, we will be leaving the beta open til release and continue updating the build to the most current version of the game.

We have already implemented many of the suggestions given and plan to continue updating the Protostar Drift til it’s the best game it can be. From variation to the steering mechanics to arena gameplay changes, all updates started from feedback given by you.

Thank everyone for their support and continue to stay posted on changes, updates, and the announcement of the release date.

Beta Update is Available

Hey everyone, we are mid-way through our open beta for Protostar Drift and we’ve already received some valuable feedback. We made a few changes to help newer players and make the game more accessible:

  •  Added an invite system.
    • When you open the beta, you’ll notice an envelope next to the Play button. This will open Google Play’s invite system to receive or send invites to play with friends. You can play 2 or 3 player matches now, but you will not be able to earn a score or time for the official leaderboards.
  • Added a single-tap stop spin function.
    • In the prior build, the only way to stop your protostar from spinning quickly was to use the Sprint function by double-tapping the screen. Now, along with the sprint function, we’ve added a single screen tap to only stop your star’s spin. In summation, a single-tap will stop a star’s spin. A double-tap will stop the star’s spin AND make your star sprint.


Thanks to everyone for jumping into the beta and giving us feedback. If you haven’t played yet, there is still time. Click the link HERE to download it on your Android phone to join us.

Multiplayer Beta is Live!

Hey everyone, sorry for the radio silence for the past week or so. We have been preparing for the release of the Protostar Drift Mulitplayer Beta and now we can say its ready for any and all comers.

We also released a new trailer, as seen above, alongside the beta to give players a glimpse at in-game multiplayer action. The beta will run til 4/14/18 as of right now, so stay posted for changes.  The devs (Matt and Hunter) have a schedule of when we will be playing, so if you want to play against us , times are available below.

If you’re looking to jump right in, here is the link to the Google Play Store below:

Get it on Google Play

If you want to gives us feedback on the beta, we have multiple outlets available on the Protostar Drift Beta page, linked HERE.

We can’t wait to let everyone get their hands on it and give us feedback on our game. Thanks to everyone who has followed us this far and we hope to continue momentum til release.


Weekly Update: 3/19/18

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting again.

Firstly, sorry for the late post (a couple days past). The holiday weekend kept us busy, we we apologize for the inconvenience.

Second, we got some great feedback from our first teaser trailer and made some cosmetic changes to the game logo. It needed a total overhaul so we have been throwing around some new concepts. We also will be adding gameplay footage to the upcoming trailer as well, so thanks to everyone who commented or posted with their input, it’s greatly appreciated.

We wrapped up alpha testing for the multiplayer and now are recording gameplay footage from the arena and private matches before the Beta release. In the upcoming days our newest trailer should be ready so stay posted and continue to give us feedback on our work.

Thanks again for visiting and please keep sharing your thoughts with us on our social media platforms.