Protostar Drift now FREE on Google Play

Update 1.2 has been officially released and with it, Protostar Drift is now FREE for everyone on the Google Play Store. Now is the time to recommend Protostar to a friend and jump in to the singleplayer and multiplayer arena. Get out there and become a Star!

Along with the price change, there have been some reworks and updates to improve Protostar.

  1. Tutorial Update – We have received feedback regarding the depth of the tutorial so we reworked it making it as thorough and clear as possible for newcomers to the game. All current players will receive a notification prompt to give it a try as well.
  2.  Hyper-Speed Difficulty – We added a new challenging difficulty to the singleplayer mode. This mode ups player speed and decreases steering ability to add a more orbit-focused traversal of the universe. Other small tweaks were made to add to the challenge.
  3. 3-Star Difficulty Changes – The space object spawning wasn’t behaving as intended so we reworked it. This mode should be easier now while maintaining difficulty.
  4. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes – Standard bug fixes brought to our attention were addressed.

Thanks again for the support and stay posted for future updates!

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