Beta Update is Available

Hey everyone, we are mid-way through our open beta for Protostar Drift and we’ve already received some valuable feedback. We made a few changes to help newer players and make the game more accessible:

  •  Added an invite system.
    • When you open the beta, you’ll notice an envelope next to the Play button. This will open Google Play’s invite system to receive or send invites to play with friends. You can play 2 or 3 player matches now, but you will not be able to earn a score or time for the official leaderboards.
  • Added a single-tap stop spin function.
    • In the prior build, the only way to stop your protostar from spinning quickly was to use the Sprint function by double-tapping the screen. Now, along with the sprint function, we’ve added a single screen tap to only stop your star’s spin. In summation, a single-tap will stop a star’s spin. A double-tap will stop the star’s spin AND make your star sprint.


Thanks to everyone for jumping into the beta and giving us feedback. If you haven’t played yet, there is still time. Click the link HERE to download it on your Android phone to join us.

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