Multiplayer Beta is Live!

Hey everyone, sorry for the radio silence for the past week or so. We have been preparing for the release of the Protostar Drift Mulitplayer Beta and now we can say its ready for any and all comers.

We also released a new trailer, as seen above, alongside the beta to give players a glimpse at in-game multiplayer action. The beta will run til 4/14/18 as of right now, so stay posted for changes.  The devs (Matt and Hunter) have a schedule of when we will be playing, so if you want to play against us , times are available below.

If you’re looking to jump right in, here is the link to the Google Play Store below:

Get it on Google Play

If you want to gives us feedback on the beta, we have multiple outlets available on the Protostar Drift Beta page, linked HERE.

We can’t wait to let everyone get their hands on it and give us feedback on our game. Thanks to everyone who has followed us this far and we hope to continue momentum til release.


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