Weekly Update: 3/3/18


Hey everyone, thank you for checking in and seeing what we are up to here at Off Target Studios.

Protostar Drift: We are getting so close to beta release we can almost taste, hear, smell, and certainly see the finish line. We are putting most of our time into testing and polishing the multiplayer. From tweaks  to the gameplay flow and arena structure to UI placement and button colorization, all is near complete. Now we ironing out the remaining bugs and getting feedback from our small group of alpha testers. We are also looking into changes to the logo and finishing off teaser and beta trailers. Our anticipation for the beta release is burying the needle and we can’t wait to get player feedback.


We have added some gameplay tracks from the Protostar Drift soundtrack to our Soundcloud page for anyone to listen and enjoy. Here is the link below:


Along with Protostar Drift, we are also working on changing the studio logo. We are trying different styles and concepts hoping to find the most recognizable and unique look moving forward. Here are some samples:


Thanks again for the support and follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Imgur.

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