Protostar Drift Beta Announcement


Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our website. The development team has been working hard to finish a test build of our newest game, Protostar Drift, and are happy to announce that we will be hosting a free multiplayer beta in the upcoming weeks.

The team is looking for anyone with an Android phone to help us shape the multiplayer arena mode in Protostar Drift. While you test our game, we are hoping to get feedback on your experience.  Any suggestions regarding likes, dislikes, upgrades, and overall changes to the game are encouraged and will be extremely helpful as an official release approaches. A separate beta webpage will be uploaded in a few days where more details can be found along with a sign-up for a mailing list for beta info, Protostar Drift info, and any information regarding Off Target Studios.

Along with the Beta announcement, our team will like to address our marketing plan (or lack thereof) from the past couple months til the upcoming release. As a small team, we focused on completing a top-notch playable experience and unfortunately updating our fans and hopeful player base has fallen off. Now, we are shifting our priorities back to informing all possible players on our progress with media and info posted on our news feed, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media outlets. We need you to help Protostar Drift blossom into what it could be and can’t do it without you.

Finally, a small change has been made to our Contact Us page on the website. We have a new developer email address and will use that to communicate with players and fans from here forward.

Thanks again for all the support and we are looking forward to to playing against you in the beta.

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